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Usability Audit

  • Main Bottleneck Report
  • Insights to raise ROI and decrease lead cost (CPA);
  • Analyzing customer journeys and funnels
  • Google Analytics Audit (all traffic channels: SEO, PPC, SMM, referrals, email, etc.);
  • Providing hypotheses for A/B testing
* Your 1-st 30 Min. Consultation is FREE. No costs, no obligation.

SEO Audit

  • On Page SEO Audit;
  • Backlins Profile Audit
  • Problem Pages Report
  • Keyword Optimization Advice
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Action Plan
* Your 1-st 30 Min. Consultation is FREE. No costs, no obligation.

Web Analytics

  • Conversion tracking setup;
    - Google Analytics;
    - Google Tag Manager;
    - Facebook Pixel
  • Ecommerce tracking setup;
  • Goal funnels, multi-channel funnels;
  • Remarketing setup;
  • Fixing errors, bugs, discrepancies;
  • Skype/Hangouts Consultations / Teaching
* Your 1-st 30 Min. Consultation is FREE. No costs, no obligation.

Customer testimonials

A Google Analytics pro. Went above and beyond what was requested. Highly recommended.
Thomas Roberts
Ravil is a true master of analytics. He's very knowledgeable, patient, communicative and helped me a lot with improving and understanding the traffic on my site with his report.
Micky Kaiserman
Exceptional worker who finished the job in a timely manner and kept me informed of his progress. I rate him highly and will use him again!
Paul McIntosh
United States
Wonderful! I needed some reports very complicated and he solved all in the best elegant way! Used Tag Manager for some settings and Data Studio for a Dashboard He made what I need and I am really happy!
Mirco Dinca

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